GK 4 will finally be announced when ... December 31,2005

Hello friends!

In our section "GK4ever Campaign" we have a new poll online for you. This time we want your serious opinion about what would have to happen, that a new GK game could be announced. Also see the new thread according to this topic in the forum. By the way, did you notice that the GK forum ranks among the Top Vivendi Games forums? Isn't that remarkable for a "dead" adventure game? So let's keep "our" place in that ranking!



GK Sightseeing - Tour Part 3 January 3,2004

In the last part of our Gabriel Knight Sightseeing - Tour we visit some settings of "Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned".
In this, for the present last part of the Adventure series Gabriel and Grace search for a kidnapped child in the Southern French village Rennes-le-Chateau and its surrounding area.

Very remarkable on this last trip is the detailed work on the 3D model of Rennes-le-Chateau done by the developers of Gabriel Knight 3.

We hope you enjoyed our excursions to the world of the Schattenjäger and wish you all a happy new year.



"The Inventory 10" starring Jane Jensen November 24, 2003

Some of you probably already know: At Justadventure+ the jubilee edition of "The Inventory" is ready for you to download now, involving an exclusive smashing Jane Jensen interview. The interview took 11 pages on which Dimitris Manos asked Jane about past and future, for example her coming yet untitled Adventure game.

Naturally Dimitris couldn't resist to ask her even a few questions on the fourth part of the Gabriel Knight saga which has been put on ice. And Jensen's answer shows that at least she hasn't finished with the Schattenjäger in mind yet, so that she wouldn't give anything away on the question what has happened to Grace at the end of Gabriel Knight 3 (or at the beginning of Gabriel Knight 4). Furthermore she told that at the time when Gabriel Knight 4 was planned, it was never thought to be the conclusion of the series.

And by the way, congratulations to "The Inventory" for your first anniversary - keep up the good work!


Link to Just Adventure +


GK Sightseeing - Tour Part 2 November 3,2003

Our tour continues.

In the second part we go on a trip to Bavaria, where Gabriel Knight and Grace Nakimura in "The Beast Within" go deep into German history and also visit several places which are really worth seeing.

Have fun!

To be continued ...


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